Saturday, March 3, 2007

why popped

I almost forgot to give credit for the name. It first came from a post thread about creationism, which then devolved into hilariously pinning the "world's worst evil," popped collars, on the Jews (!). Jews get deserved credit for lots of great things, but fashion innovations / disasters like this isn't one of them.
This interest shifted to what should become your new hangout - Blends both street lingo with total geek-speak, and gives much knowledge. Extremely funny and equally offensive to all parties involved, it is always a good cultural check. The 'random' feature is great too.
Anyway, i found these entries there, which I loved so much I immortalized on this here blog. Nuff said.

POPPED COLLARS (at least three definitions)

1. The act of lifting up a collar on a collared shirt in order to show off the fact that your either a douchebag or that you have an oversized mole the size of Nigeria on ur neck.
Fag: Look at my popped collar.
Random Person: Why do you want to hide your neck so bad? Don't want to show off that hickie you got last night from that dumb slut you slipped some rufies?
Fag: The fact that I have a popped collar doesn't necessarily mean I love to take it from behind.
Random Person: Faggot.
L$ K-Town Nov 20, 2005

2. Many Americans are confused concerning the real definition of a “popped collar”. In short, a collar has been popped when the wearer flips it up, so that it no longer rests on one's shoulders. It frames the face, and hides much of the neck. Many “poppers” nonchalantly flip their collars up, allowing the adjunct flap of fabric to slouch as it pleases, to create a vibe of effortless hipness. Some fastidiously iron said accessory, opting for a slick, polished look. Some favor the Twilight Zone style, fluffing their coat collars in a mysterious manner. The extremely confident poppers layer shirts, and simultaneously pop multiple collars. Polo or button-down shirts are the most popular media for poppage. (Typical of the coastal prep school dude and wannabe ganstas.)
Example: That silly frat boy had a popped collar, until I pummeled him AND his collar into the ground.
-by fuzzykiwi44 PA Aug 6, 2005

3. A thing people do to imitate Count Chocula and his infamous Choclatey Popped Collar, otherwise commonly referred to as ChocoPop. But they fail to realize that they aren't the Count, and so they just look like fags.
Example: I was eating cereal one day when I happened to notice the prevalent popped collar of Mr. Chocula.
I was eating cereal and I had a revelation Apr 5, 2005